Denmark - The Happiest Country In The World

Year after year The World Happiness Report finds Denmark to be the happiest country on earth. Maybe this has something to do with Denmark’s famed liberalism? With Danish people being incredibly open and unafraid to speak their minds. If you love the ocean you’re in luck, because no matter where you go in Denmark you’re never more than 52 km from the sea. If not the sea, there’s always Copenhagen harbour, which is squeaky clean and a popular dipping spot for locals. You’ll also find land adventures a plenty in Denmark - like the rugged landscapes of the Faroe Islands, or the Tivoli Gardens, home to picturesque gardens and a magical amusement park. Walt Disney himself actually took inspiration from this park for DisneyLand. There’s also the town of Billund, the birthplace of lego and home to the Lego Factory and Legoland resort. A visit to Denmark wouldn’t be complete without touring the majestic renaissance castles and palaces in copenhagen, and for a fascinating look into Denmark’s viking history, the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is a must see. Then of course there’s the local food. You’ll have plenty of traditional Danish cuisine to choose from in Copenhagen - such as traditional Smørrebrød (open sandwiches), Frikadeller (a meatball dish) and Wienerbrod (a breakfast pastry).

Travel Denmark

Tour The Royal Castles Of Copenhagen

A fascinating look into the heritage and culture of this beautiful country. Explore some of the oldest castles in Denmark, all boasting baroque interiors, stunning room decor and immaculately kept grounds. Some of the must see castles include: Christiansborg Palace (which houses the Danish Parliament) and Amalienborg Palace (home of the Danish royal family).

Experience All Things Lego In Billund

Upon the surface, the small town of Billund seems like any other quiet rural town. That is until you discover it’s the birthplace of Lego, and home to the original Lego factory and Legoland resort. There’s also the incredible Lego House, where you can explore 6 different zones of lego fun and games. And don’t worry, these destinations aren’t just for children. There’s fun for the whole family, as well as beautiful scenery and food to enjoy in this groundbreaking town.

Find Inspiration At The Tivoli Gardens In Copenhagen

If you asked most people what the must see attraction in Copenhagen was, it would probably be the Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli is one of the world’s oldest amusements parks, having opened its doors back in 1843. In fact, to this day it’s still home to an original wooden roller coaster. The gardens are a real life fairytale and have now become a national treasure. You can see why Walt Disney himself found inspiration in Tivoli for a certain theme park you may have heard of.

Tips And Travel Information For Denmark

Money The currency in Denmark is the Danish Krone (DKK). Credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in the country. Hotels, restaurants and shops may impose a surcharge on foreign cards. However, if there is a surcharge it must be advertised (e.g at reception or on the menu). ATMs are also plentiful in Denmark. Getting Around Local transport in Denmark is usually to a high standard. You’ll find excellent train, bus and metro options in Copenhagen. Outside of the capital, large towns also have effective bus networks, and smaller towns will have buses which connect to their regional hub. Taxis are also readily available in major cities and tourist hot spots. Best Time To Visit Peak Season (Mid-Jun - Mid-Aug) Moderate (May - Mid-Jun, Mid-Aug - Sep) Quiet Season (Oct - Apr) High season in Denmark is from about mid June to mid August. During this time you can expect longer daylight hours, as well as concerts and theme parks being in full swing. Accomodation prices will also be at their peak. Low season lasts from October through to April. Expect a cooler and wetter Denmark around this time. Larger cities will have plenty of christmas lights and ice-skating rinks for you to enjoy. Also expect some outdoor attractions to be closed and reduced operating hours.

Find Boutique Hotels In Denmark

For a stay just as exquisite as the country you’re visiting. Check out our selection of boutique hotels located in Denmark.