Top 7 Things To Do In Amsterdam

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Amsterdam has a treasure trove of unique experiences and attractions for visitors to enjoy. The capital of the kingdom of the Netherlands, this magnificent city is known as the country’s cultural hub. Featuring more than 40 museums, as well as highly regarded universities, theatres and entertainment centres. With so much to do in this vibrant city, we know it can be hard to put together the ideal itinerary. The good news is, we’ve got your back!

Discover the best of Amsterdam with our list of the top 7 experiences to have in this glorious city:

1.The Rijksmuseum

Explore one of Amsterdam’s most popular and important tourist attractions, the Rijksmuseum houses a huge collection of historic art and antiques. This collection includes more than 7 million pieces of art along with a library containing more than 35,000 books. Overall this museum is a fantastic look into the development and culture of the Netherlands.

2.Vondelpark: A Must-Do in Amsterdam

Vondelpark is the most popular park in Amsterdam spanning more than 116 acres. This famed park is home to a variety of monuments, playgrounds and other recreational activities. For a quicker tour of the area you might choose to hire some roller skates, or you might kick back and enjoy a movie at the open air theatre. The theatre also hosts a range of stage productions during the months of May and September.

3.The Anne Frank Museum

This museum is a tribute to Anne Frank whose life was cut too short and is one of the world’s best known Holocaust victims. Here you can see the actual home in which Anne penned her famed diary whilst she hid from the Germans in World War II. The home is all but unchanged and a tragic reminder of a time in history most would rather forget.

4.The Jordaan 

One of Amsterdam’s most visited neighbourhoods, The Jordaan is known for its vibrant markets, garden courtyards, and upper class boutiques and restaurants. It’s easy to get lost in the pure beauty and intricacy of the carefully crafted streets, however there’s also plenty of enjoyable activities to be had. In this area you’ll find the Anne Frank Museum and a number trendy restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy some good Dutch food and musical entertainment.

5.The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

A must visit for fans of the arts and history, the Van Gogh Museum has remained one of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions since first opening back in 1972. As made obvious by the name, this museum is dedicated to the life and artistry of Van Gogh, one of the Netherland’s most well respected and revered painters. Inside you’ll gaze upon the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh paintings and artifacts, most of which was donated to the museum by this brother Theo, and other family members.

6.Dam Square

There’s a good reason why Dam Square is always filled with budding tourists. Inside the square you’ll find one of the most famous Dutch attractions, the royal Koninklijk Palace. This palace was formerly home to the Dutch royal family and to this day it still hosts royal functions. Dam square is also home to other popular tourist attractions like Madame Tussauds wax museum and the National Memorial Statue – which honors those Dutch soldiers who lost their lives in World War II.

7.The Royal Palace

Originally the Town Hall, the Royal Palace is the home of the King anytime he is in the city. This incredible structure started construction back in 1648 and required a massive 13,659 piles to supports its sheer weight. The stunning architecture of the palace is inspired by ancient Rome and the interior has a luxurious feel, decorated with beautiful ornaments, marble sculptures and a number of magnificent ceiling paintings. Guided tours are open to the public.

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