A Paris City Break – Hour By Hour

You know you’re in for a romantic treat when you visit the city of Paris – home of world famous icons like the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and The Panthéon. However, the beauty of this city isn’t just in its spectacular attractions, but also in the small details. From the small detailing of the cobbled streets, to the perfectly trimmed trees and intricate architecture of the city’s buildings.

Every hour you spend in Paris is magical. On that note, if we had just one day to make the most of Paris, here’s how we’d spend it:

8am – 10am

Start with Breakfast at Blé Sucré

If you’d prefer to skip the breakfast available in your accommodation, Paris is home to a plethora of delicious and affordable eateries. For a true taste of French food we recommend starting your day with breakfast at Blé Sucré. Here you can tuck into the moreish croissants and French chocolate bread, both with perfectly flaky crusts and mouth-watering flavours. If you’re after a quaint and sophisticated breakfast, the Angelina tea house near the Louvre is also a fantastic place to visit.

10am – 12pm 

Check Out The Wonders Of The Louvre in Paris

The Louvre originally began as a fortress back in the 12th century. This was until it was transformed into a wonderful museum in 1793. Today tourists flock to this historic museum, which is also the world’s largest, housing more than 380,000 objects. You might recognise some of the famous pieces on display, like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. Also be aware this is one of the most popular attractions in Paris so expect lines during busy seasons.

12pm – 2pm

Head To The Beautiful Luxembourg Gardens

Next stop is the stunning Luxembourg Gardens, which are also home to the majestic Luxembourg palace. These iconic gardens are an absolute picture in summer and a great spot to picnic or hangout with family and friends amongst elegant scenery. Even in winter this wondrous place puts on a show like no other.

5pm – 7pm

Enjoy Those Legendary Eiffel Tower Views

Of course, a trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete without scaling the Eiffel Tower. Visitors can take an elevator, or if you’re game, walk up over 700 steps to the second level of the tower. From here you have to take another elevator to the top.  For those who like to indulge, you can also enjoy a gourmet meal at the Jules Verne Restaurant on the second floor. This Michelin-starred eatery features immaculate food and gives you amazing panoramic views of beautiful Paris. If you’re travelling during busier seasons it’s best to purchase tickets in advance. If possible also try to sign up for the Eiffel Tower Priority Access Tour, which lets you skip the lines and enjoy a fascinating look into the history of this great structure.

8pm – 9pm

End The Day In Paris Under The Stars At Tour Montparnasse

Our last stop in Paris is at the Tour Montparnasse, one of the best photography locations in Paris. Aside from the obvious Eiffel Tower, if there’s any other tower you should be ascending, it’s this one. Speaking of the Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse gives you a stunning view of France’s most famous monument. The scenes are particularly magical at night, making it the perfect place to end a memorable day in Paris. You can also have dinner at the spectacular on-site restaurant, the perfect romantic setting.

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September 25, 2019