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About 7Boutique Hotels

7Boutique Hotels was created to give travellers access to the most comfortable and luxurious accommodation money can buy – no matter where you are in the world. Because in our opinion, where you stay is just as important (if not more) as the sights and sounds you encounter on your travels.

We’re also not the kind of company to make big promises without backing them up. So here’s a look at our process for finding and securing the perfect boutique accommodation for your trip.

7Boutique Hotels – Our Recipe For Accomodation Success

1. We Specialise In Boutique Hotels Only

There are many different definitions of a boutique hotel out there, but in our opinion a boutique hotel always ticks these four boxes:

  • It has a modern and contemporary vibe.
  • It has its own unique personality, style and flavour.
  • It encompasses the spirit, culture and ambiance of the surrounding location.
  • It rebels against the corporate image and feel of standard hotels.

We chose to specialise in boutique hotels as they reflected our efforts to rebel against typical hotel and travel booking websites. As you know, most of these websites bombard you with thousands of different accommodation options, making it almost impossible to find the ideal hotel.

By specialising in boutique hotels we’re increasing your chances of striking gold and you’re less likely to get stuck with a hotel that ruins your trip. You can also choose a boutique hotel that matches your style and taste – as opposed to regular hotels which are more generic and plain.

2. We Hand Pick 7 Boutique Hotels In Each Location

It’s no accident we named ourselves “7Boutique Hotels,” in fact, the number 7 represents the amount of hotels we highlight for you in each location. We chose to do this for a couple of reasons:

First, it helps to further narrow down your options, lessening confusion and overload. Second, by choosing only 7 boutique hotels we’re trimming the fat (so to speak), and you’re left with only the best and most luxurious options. All of our boutique hotels are handpicked by the 7Boutique Hotels team, who use their experience, knowledge, as well as trusted ratings and reviews to ensure your boutique hotel exceeds all expectations.

3. We Make Your Booking Experience As Easy And Stress-Free As Possible

Finally, we believe the process of planning and booking your holiday should be exciting, not a headache. Therefore we do everything we can to make your life easier at each step – from selecting and booking your hotel, to arriving at reception without a hitch. We have a friendly team of staff on standby to assist with any questions or queries you might have. You’ll also find plenty of helpful travel information and insider tips to ensure you have an unforgettable trip.


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